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Plan D Ground plan 1946

In 1938 the Air Raids Precautions Committee took over Jesmond Dene House. By December 1939 play was no longer possible on the court as the ARP and the Council Lighting Department had begun to store equipment in the court. In addition the Council stored furniture removed from Banqueting Hall. Lambert..Read More

Play 1932 Lambert receiver

By 1928 it was a number of years since the court had been used regularly for play. However Sir Andrew’s grandsons Humphrey Brunel [Sir Humphrey Brunel Noble of Ardmore, 4th Bt.(1892 -1968)] and Horace W. Noble were keen players. They installed Edgar Lambert’s son Charles as professional and launched the..Read More

Edgar Lambert in 1906

In 1905 Lambert faced E. Johnson again and R. Dickinson (Oxford). Defeated by Johnson we learn from the press reports that Lambert was however playing well, favoured rackets made by Prosser and Sons and was planning to challenge Latham for the world championship. Lambert’s challenge never seems to have materialised…Read More

Edgar Lambert photographed in 1904

Lambert came from a tennis dynasty of sorts: his father was the professional at Hatfield (Lord Salisbury’s court) and his uncle George had been world champion. 1904 seems to have been a vintage year for Lambert. In February 1904 Sir Andrew made a purse available for a match between Lambert..Read More

The Opening Match 15th October 1894

The opening match on the court was played between professional Charles Saunders and amateur Sir Edward Grey . At that time Sir Edward (1862-1933) was Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. The M.P. for Berwick-upon-Tweed had been the youngest serving M.P. at the time of his first election in..Read More